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Various Band Tidbits

December 4th, 2006 | Comments Off | Posted in Music

I’m pretty pleased with the momentum we’ve got right now in The Old-Fashioned Way. We’ve already booked three more shows after the one tomorrow at Make-Out Room; I can’t reveal details until the shows are 100% confirmed, but they have me excited. Plus, we got a nice writeup over at The Bay Bridged, where they put one of our tracks on their monthly local mix, and we got played on 480 Minutes, which is the main live show every Friday on BAGeL Radio. By the by, you can listen to BAGeL Radio in iTunes under the Alt/Modern Rock category; they play great stuff (I’m also a big fan of SomaFM’s Indie Pop Rocks! station in that same section).

Anyways, Wu’s been talking studio time, and I think that’s a good call; the timing feels right. I’d love to even do a small tour along the west coast… that would be a total blast. But we’d have to rent or buy a van big enough to carry seven people and all our crap; I think we’d probably end up taking two or three people in a van for the equipment and an extra car for the rest of the folks. PITA for sure. That and having to coordinate seven schedules are the minor downsides of having seven people in the band. The upside is that we have seven awesome people in the band.

Stay tuned for a end of the year music postacular.