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When Gretchen Carlson thinks you’re an idiot…

July 14th, 2009 | Comments Off | Posted in Politics

…perhaps you need to reevaluate the inane schlock that is dribbling out of your trap?

This clip slipped under my radar until yesterday, but on July 8, Brian Kilmeade of Fox & Friends apparently lost his damn mind:

Unalbe to show flash video

Thanks to Gawker for the clip.

I’ve addressed this “purity” argument before on this blog; it is experimentally disprovable as well as being just plain stupid.  Simple common sense and a basic understanding of genetics will tell you that “purity” is what happens when cousins marry, and that two parents with more genetic variation have the potential to make a daywalker.

Unalbe to show flash video

But what’s mind-blowing is to hear this drivel coming not from some fringe white supremacist or universally reviled hate-monger, but from an anchor of a core show on a major news network.  I simply could not believe this; I dug through the internets to find the full clip, to make sure this wasn’t taken out of context. It wasn’t. Even his co-host, Gretchen Carlson, was making incredulous faces and tried to rein him in verbally, but to no avail. Let me repeat that: Gretchen Carlson thinks this is fringe crazy talk.


Congratulations, Brian Kilmeade.  You are officially that girl in that episode of House who has poo coming out of her mouth. This is you. This is what you look like:

Poo Mouth Cover Image

Seriously though, how is this guy not being made to apologize for being an idiot?

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Update: Kilmeade apologized for these comments this past Monday, saying “I made comments that were offensive to many people. That was not my intention, and looking back at those comments I realize they were inappropriate. For that I sincerely apologize. America [is a] huge melting pot, and that is what makes us such a great country…”.

He looked very sincere. That was sarcasm.