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About this Site

Right up what?

Right Up Top is my personal blog; in this case, the “me” is Jake Rosenberg. I’m a music snob, sci-fi nerd, and Zynga software engineer living in San Francisco, but if you’re reading this, you probably already know that.

I maintain this blog as an outlet for my personal thoughts on music, work, photography, politics, and assorted other junk. You can also find me on Flickr and Twitter, or check out my band, The Old-Fashioned Way.


Many folks have inquired about the way the site is built, and some have asked about the stuff I’m rocking in that fancy sidebar you see to the right.  I’ve spend a decent amount of time working on making the site look nifty, so here’s a brief overview of the tech specs.

The site is running on WordPress (currently version 3.0) using the skin Statement by Blog Oh Blog. I’ve made some basic modifications in the skin (I took out some extra links and buttons I didn’t want to use, and removed the third column).  I also use a number of plugins for WordPress that I highly recommend, many of which I’ve modified slightly (or not-so-slightly) for my own use.

  • Akismet is a no-brainer.  The reduction of comment spam it gives you is simply astounding; don’t run a blog without it.
  • The Audio Player plugin is very useful for embedding MP3s, WAVs and other types of audio files into posts.
  • The Comment Timeout plugin is a godsend for preventing comment spam on age-old posts that no one but spammers would be commenting on.
  • The Flickr images displayed in the sidebar are embedded via the flickrRss plugin and widget from  Most of the pics there are taken with my Nikon D90, my Nikon D40x, or my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX150. For you photography nerds out there, I always shoot in RAW and do my post-processing in Lightroom 2 and Photoshop CS4.
  • The In Rotation module on the sidebar is generated from my Audioscobbler data and embedded in the sidebar using the Records widget.  The playlist data is scrobbled directly from my music player (iTunes) to via the application in real time, compiled by and then retrieved by the plugin. If a record shows up on that module, there’s a decent chance it was the last thing I was listening to.
  • The lifestream widget and page are generated by the iBegin lifestream plugin for WordPress.  I’ve made slight modifications to some of the feed plugins and added a few of my (e.g., TripIt) to track some feeds that I think are worth having in my lifestream.

Contact Information

Questions? Comments? Gushing adoration? You can always contact me at