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Sourdough, Indeed

March 24th, 2008 | Comments Off | Posted in Entertainment, Personal
WFMU‘s annual pledge drive was a couple weeks ago, and as I’m an avid listener of The Best Show on WFMU I decided to show my support for Tom and what he does there.  I made a pledge during his show, and this week I finally listened to the podcast of the marathon show, which included guest appearances by Patton Oswalt, Ben Gibbard, and Ted Leo.  As Pseu read out the names of people who donated, Patton was handing out nicknames, and to my delight, I’ve been christened anew… take a listen:

I do love sourdough (untoasted, of course), so from now on you dudes can go ahead and call me Sourdough Jake.  If you go to the podcast and listen to the whole show you can hear them thank Joe as well, as well as Ben of The Bay Bridged fame.  Way to do the right thing, guys.
Also, check out this in-studio video of Ted Leo and Ben Gibbard doing Neil Diamond’s "Porcupine Pie", which Tom has proclaimed to be the worst song in the history of mankind. 
Now hop on over to WFMU’s Beware of the Blog to see all the other great vids, or to Pitchfork for some pics.
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Summer Fun

August 28th, 2006 | Comments Off | Posted in Entertainment, Personal

Well, the big pool party I’d been planning went off this weekend… everything went very smooth and I think everyone had a great time. The turnout was great, and I must say I was very flattered by the utter pandemonium that broke loose when I finally jumped into the pool. Plus Kellie had the (ingenious!) idea of buying a couple disposable underwater cameras and passing them around, which worked out awesome because (1) the things worked amazingly well and gave us good pics and (2) I actually get to be in some of my own pictures. I think I’m gonna start doing that for all my parties, even the ones on dry land. That said, I take full credit for the idea of passing teeny little squirtguns. I have my moments.

Anyways, it was enough fun that it demands to become a tradition. Just wait till next year.

MC Enelow

April 24th, 2006 | Comments Off | Posted in Entertainment, Personal

So Wu’s sister found this video clip on… it’s of Dr. Enelow (my high school english teacher) reciting the Canterbury Tales in old english in a very rap-like manner. What’s funny about this (other than the obvious):

  • It was randomly found on the internet. I once happened upon pictures of my dentist on vacation on Flickr (no shirt on, yikes), and I swear think I could find a video of my dermatologist doing the jitterbug to death metal if I looked hard enough. God bless the internet.
  • It was recorded this year, and I remember when he did it when I had him in 1996. That means he’s been doing this for at least 10 years; it’s probably more like 30. Awesome.

In all seriousness, this guy was probably the best teacher I ever had. Mock not, lest ye be mock’d.

EDIT: Turns out, this was my one hundreth post!
Ironically, this comes just four days after the two year anniversary of the blog… my first post was on April 20th, 2004 (4-20 DUDE! ZOMG!!!11one). So, that’s an average of four posts a month or one a week. Not that bad. Congrats to me!!


June 2nd, 2005 | Comments Off | Posted in Entertainment

Today a friend turned me on to a web comic called Questionable Content. It’s great. Read it from the beginning to really appreciate it. Personal favorites include:

  • This diatribe on the Fiery Furnaces. Notice the description of the band, which bears a striking similarity to my own description two months earlier (in my Top 30 of 2004), when I said they sounded like “The Who, Gilbert & Sullivan, and P.J. Harvey had sex on a piano and gave birth to ADHD boy/girl twins” (ok, so maybe I’m just pretty proud of that line and was looking for an excuse to bring it up, so what).
  • This one featuring a guest artist who tries (sucessfully) to piss off the indie kids.
  • And this one about record reviews which details a thought process I have at least ten times each day.

Anyways, I’m off to go see Of Montreal. The supporting band, Tilly and the Wall, has a tap dancer as their rythm section. Seriously, that is ridiculous.

Playlist rotation / Fahrenheit 9/11

June 29th, 2004 | Comments Off | Posted in Entertainment, Music, Politics

Major playlist rotation; here’s the new list:

  • A.C. NewmanThe Slow Wonder
  • Bonnie ‘Prince’ BillyI See A Darkness
  • Devendra BanhartRejoicing the Hands
  • Joanna NewsomThe Milk-Eyed Mender
  • Loretta LynnVan Lear Rose
  • MirahC’mon Miracle
  • Mission of BurmaONoffON
  • The SoviettesLP II
  • The UnicornsThe Unicorns 2014
  • V/A Kill Rock StarsTracks and Fields

Kind of an ecclectic week… a lot of solo artists for some reason. Anyways, I’ve also got the Ted Leo demos (aka The Homsars, I love it) and the Spoon demo in there.

The Decemberists totally kicked ass and I think my rents were really into it, what a blast. Plus my old buddy from school Marc Pestien was in town for the weekend and I got to hang with him, so that was very cool.

Also, I caught Fahrenheit 9/11 yesterday. I actually dislike Michael Moore most of the time (even though I agree with most of his viewpoints) because I think he does more harm than good by painting liberals as wingnuts, and more importantly because he often plays with numbers, which really bothers me. That said, this movie was fantastic, and it’s about damn time. As one-sided and blatantly opinionated as it is, it raises some great points that people need to hear. I hate to stoop to their level, but maybe it’s time that there is some inverse propaganda on the air to counter Fox News.