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SXSW Tally

March 19th, 2007 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

47 bands in total, two of which we saw twice. Here’s the list… the good, the bad, and The Good, The Bad and The Queen

  • +/-
  • androids and apes
  • architecture in helsinki
  • beirut
  • bishop allen
  • black lips
  • briertone
  • busdriver
  • catfish havan
  • cheeseburger
  • chromeo
  • cyann & ben
  • daniel johnston
  • donovan
  • fujiya & miyagi
  • girl talk
  • holy fuck (and friends)
  • human giant w/ eugene mirman
  • jack penate
  • kate havnevik
  • lemurs
  • les savy fav
  • loney, dear
  • love drug
  • mew
  • my brightest diamond
  • oakley hall
  • oh no! oh my!
  • peter bjorn and john
  • prototypes (x2)
  • robyn hitchcock w/ joe boyd
  • rockland eagles
  • sloan
  • styrophone
  • tan! (x2)
  • the big sleep
  • the black angels
  • the good, the bad, and the queen
  • the gossip
  • the pipettes
  • the ponys
  • the rosebuds
  • the spill canvas
  • the young knives
  • tim and eric
  • turbonegro
  • voxtrot

pics coming soon…

Thoughts On ’06

November 8th, 2006 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

Here’s a bunch of election-related thoughts that have been bouncing around my head today:

  • OK, let’s NOT screw this up. Please, please, please… Pelosi, Reid: learn from what happened to Gingrich and Dole in ’94. Don’t be vindictive. Oversight is fine, and we need to uncover some of what’s been going on with regard to lies and corruption. But don’t go after Bush with crazed fervor. Be the good guys. Pass effective, progressive legislation, and let Bush look like a jerk for vetoing it. Set us up for a win in ’08, not a thumpin’ right back in our faces.
  • All you progressive blogs (DailyKOS, Eschaton) who are claiming the Democrats won this election: no, they didn’t. The Republicans lost it. Own up to that, understand why, and we can at work towards building an effective progressive platform going forward. People don’t really think we have good ideas on how to run things; they just voted for change. Let’s show them they are wrong about the first thing, and earn their trust.
  • Suck it easy, Rick Santorum. You were the biggest douche in the Senate, and that’s saying alot. I’m amazingly glad that everyone in Pennsylvania (even moderates and conservatives) picked up on that; you deserved to lose in an even bigger landslide, but this one will do.
  • Today Dennis Prager jokingly cautioned conservatives not to leave the country the way liberals jokingly said they would in ’04. That one got me thinking… liberals joked about moving to Canada. Where would a conservative go? Saudi Arabia? North Korea? OK, seriously… Taiwan? Singapore? I mean, all of Europe and Oceania are more liberal than we are, and that’s pretty much the entire First World, right?
  • This kind of crap needs to stop. It is time for campaign reform; what are we, six? Candidates who make it to the final ballot in federal elections should be prohibited from buying private advertising, be given equal amounts of free airtime, and should not be allowed to mention their opponents at all in said ads. This would take a big chunk of the money out of campaigning, and promote positive political advertisements which campaign on a candidate’s strengths instead of an opponent’s weaknesses.

More to come, I’m sure.

Lay Low In a Tropical Hideout

June 28th, 2006 | Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

It sucks that we have no memory card reader on this island… I got some really amazing pics today. Sasha rented a scooter and since I have a motorcycle license they let me take a 200c little cruiser bike (sorta like my old suzuki) and together we went tearassing around the island. It was a real blast; we caught some spectacular views. We’re going out partying tonight in the biggest village on the island, Fira, before our morning “flying cat” ride to Mykonos (assuming it’s not too windy to sail). I, like you, said “a flying wtf?”. Turns out it’s a catamaran hydrofoil, probably something like this.

Anyways, next time I come to an internet cafe I’ll bring my camera dock and finally up some photos. Catch you on the flip.

Islands Tour (without J’aime Tambour)

June 27th, 2006 | Comments | Posted in Uncategorized

Well the internet cafe we’re at doesn’t have a SD card reader, so I can’t upload any photos, but Sash and I have arrived on the island of Santorini, famous for its white houses, blue-domed churches, and black sand beach. It’s certainly a beautiful island, and this time of year the weather is balmy and the island isn’t yet crowded with the entire population of Europe, so it feels incredibly lax and easygoing… a very sharp contrast to the intensity of Athens. To my dismay, they now use cars to get you up the cliff walls from the port to the city instead of donkeys, so my tough talk yesterday was in vain. But our driver met us at the ferry and has been very helpful (if a bit pushy), and we checked into our beachside hotel with no problems. We walked around the island for a bit, and relaxed with cocktails as we watched the Brazil vs. Ghana game; it’s pretty hard to avoid the World Cup here. Tommorrow we plan to rent scooters and check out the rest of the island. If I don’t have time to blog within the next few days: Thursday we leave for Mykonos, which in contrast to this island is supposedly a hip party spot; I’m sure I’ll fit right in.


Athens (Not Georgia)

June 26th, 2006 | Comments Off | Posted in Uncategorized

CIMG1483We’ve arrived safe and sound in Athens and so far our tour company, while definitely European (“oh, someone will come pick you up, probably”) has not let us down yet. Our driver met us at the airport, our hotel is clean and comfy, and today’s city tour and lunch were quite nice. Athens is an interesting city… very dense and filled with hustle and bustle. There are more batshit-crazy drivers and motorcyclists here than I’ve ever seen, though Sasha assures me it’s nothing compared to Southeast asia and I believe him. Oh, and it’s hot as hell here.

Yeah man, but it’s a dry heat.

CIMG1450Anyways, last night we walked around the very touristy area called Plaka, where they have lots of small shops and tourist trap bistros. We ate dinner at one and then had a beer at the hotel bar, which is actually pretty awesome; it’s on the roof of the hotel and has a great view of the whole city and the lit up acropolis (interesting side note: the tallest skyscraper in Athens, nicknamed “the Athens tower”, is only 24 floors high; the lack of tall buildings really gives the place a flat, sprawling feel, and sets the acropolis out above the rest of the city). Today we went to the acropolis and agora, and saw the Parthenon, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the tower of winds, and a bunch of other cool temples and ruins thereof. We also hit up the National Archeological Museum, which was pretty awesome; tons of classical era sculpture, which I really dig. Now we’re at an internet cafe a few blocks from the hotel and we’ve gotta go find a laundromat, since we’re running out of clean clothes.

The connection here is too slow to upload all my pictures, but I’ve selected a few and uploaded those, so take a look. Tommorrow morning at 6:25 am we head to the harbor to catch a ferry to Santorini, where I plan to ride a donkey.

Stay loose.