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June 2nd, 2005 Posted in Entertainment

Today a friend turned me on to a web comic called Questionable Content. It’s great. Read it from the beginning to really appreciate it. Personal favorites include:

  • This diatribe on the Fiery Furnaces. Notice the description of the band, which bears a striking similarity to my own description two months earlier (in my Top 30 of 2004), when I said they sounded like “The Who, Gilbert & Sullivan, and P.J. Harvey had sex on a piano and gave birth to ADHD boy/girl twins” (ok, so maybe I’m just pretty proud of that line and was looking for an excuse to bring it up, so what).
  • This one featuring a guest artist who tries (sucessfully) to piss off the indie kids.
  • And this one about record reviews which details a thought process I have at least ten times each day.

Anyways, I’m off to go see Of Montreal. The supporting band, Tilly and the Wall, has a tap dancer as their rythm section. Seriously, that is ridiculous.

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