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A Beatles Challenge

May 6th, 2005 Posted in Music

Over beers the other night, a friend of mine proposed an interesting challenge: to create a Beatles covers mix consisting of all bands and singers that I think are good. I’ve made my first crack at it, but I’m looking for feedback. If you consider yourself knowledgable in the field of music, suggest some stuff to add or change (use the comments field):

  1. Echo and the BunnymenTicket to Ride
  2. The Black KeysShe Said, She Said
  3. Nick CaveLet It Be
  4. Belle and SebastianHere Comes The Sun
  5. The BreedersHappiness is a Warm Gun
  6. Dead KennedysBack in the USSR
  7. Elliott SmithRevolution
  8. Daniel JohnstonI Saw Her Standing There
  9. Shonen KnifeRain
  10. Me First and The Gimme GimmesStrawberry Fields Forever
  11. Johnny CashIn My Life
  12. Bobby DarinBeatles Medley
  13. The JamAnd Your Bird Can Sing
  14. The PixiesWild Honey Pie
  15. William ShatnerLucy in the Sky With Diamonds
  16. Otis ReddingA Hard Day’s Night

I’ve been trying to track down the Runaways’ version of Eight Days a Week but haven’t found it yet… if I do, I’d add that one in too.

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  • grr... see this page for an explanation of trevor's comment. actually trevor and I have agreed on a truce wherein I give 24 another chance if he watches Firefly. ;)

  • Landis

    Dude! Did you see the end of 24 two weeks ago? I saw that coming, but really, can you believe that Audrey freaked out like that? She should have known that was Jack's M.O. I went to the Giants' game last week, so I missed the most recent episode. Did you Tivo it? That would be so absolutely perfect that I might even let you kiss me.

  • See, nobody cares about the Beatles. Try posting about 24 if you want to get some comments.

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