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March is the Month pt. 2: Noisepop’s Revenge

March 10th, 2006 Posted in Music

I’ve got so much SXSW on the brain that I forgot one of the major reasons March is gonna rock so hard: Noisepop. Not to be outdone by Austin, San Francisco’s own indie music festival has been steadily growing and while it ain’t exactly twenty-thousand-people-invade-the-whole-friggin-city big, Noisepop 14 is nothing to laugh at. The lineup includes Two Gallants, Feist, The National, The Dirtbombs, Britt Daniel, and to top it all off, a performance at Bimbo’s by the Flaming Lips. That one is sooo sold out, so good freakin’ luck getting in. Check out the official Noisepop 2006 site here for more information, and as always, you can check my concert list for the shows that I’m probably going to attend.

Friday Project
There’s a decent chance this will be my last post before I leave for Austin, but I’m borrowing a laptop to take with and should be posting from there, so keep an eye out for the wild happenings down in Tejas. Rock on.

P.S. I’ve included an image of my Friday project. I think this is about 2.5 months worth of cans (I don’t remember when I started saving them, but it’s 132 cans, to be exact). Assuming around 20 days worked per month (I got sick twice, went on vacation, plus had we had a holidays and such) that’s 2.88 cans per day. Sounds about right.

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