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SXSW 2006 Blogary, Part One

March 22nd, 2006 Posted in Music

You like how I just invented the word Blogary? Heh.

Anyways, it’s gonna be long and detailed, so I hope you enjoy it. Click below to start reading.


Simon, Heather, Danielle and I arrived in Austin in the late afternoon. The flight was uneventful… a little hangman, a little GTA: Liberty City, some Family Guy quotes, a little reading in my copy of Catcher in the Rye; the usual. We hopped a cab to the hotel, put down our bags and grabbed another cab to the convention center, where we checked in and got our badges as well as our welcome bags. They were a bit heavy with magazines, sampler CDs, and assorted other junk, so we made one more quick trip back to the hotel to drop them off before coming back downtown to see what was going on.

Free Beer!On the cab ride to the hotel and back, we had our most interesting driver of the trip. The guy had an accent that sounded like it was from western Africa, but he insisted he was from Czechoslovakia and that he might get deported back there (which is interesting, since the country doesn’t exist anymore). He told us that he liked to sit at home with a bottle of Hennessey and his remote control and watch the Discovery channel, and that it was from the Discovery channel that he’d had the idea of having his wife dress up in a grass skirt and dance for him (which, evidently, she did regularly). He also insisted that jalapeños were bad for you because if you eat too many, “Yo’ ass be on fiahh!” He even offered to make the cab ride free if we stopped at a grocery store and I ate 20 of them. I talked him down to 5, but honestly, we had better things to do.

FlareWe walked Sixth Street for a bit, stopping in for a quick drink at the Jack-a-lope, before we remembered there was a Sleater-Kinney show that night. We called Adam and he looked up the details for us; there was a shuttle leaving from the downtown Hilton in just a few minutes, so we hustled down there and hopped on. The bus dropped us off at the Guerrero Produce Warehouse, where there was a party taking place; free beer and free food (good food, at that). Evidently, it was some sort of “Goodbye Film, Hello Music!” party; we saw plenty of SXSW Film badges as well as music and gold ones. We hung around for a while, indulging ourselves on the free goodies, until Sleater-Kinney started up; it was one of the best shows of the festival, and a great way to kick things off. Janet Weiss was one of the most amazing drummers I have ever seen, and Carrie Brownstein was playing a SG-body Guild through two amps; it sounded incredible. They played a long set – about an hour and a half – but the whole thing was great, even the songs I didn’t know. After talking to Heather, it seems most of the songs I really liked were off One Beat, so I need to pick up that record ASAP. It was too bad that Adam missed the show; it meant we only had one SK nerd to give us all the inside info. For those of you who don’t know, Heather is the other SK fanatic – after this show, she and Adam are tied at 9 SK shows each. Nerds.

While we were trying to catch a cab back to the hotel, a car drove by and a man leaned out the window and yelled “My finger smells like poop!” We all looked at each other and of course burst into laughter, and that instantly became one of the catchphrases of the trip (you’ll see what I mean when we get to the part about the haikus).

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