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Ted Leo!!!

September 15th, 2004 Posted in Music

I found an advance copy of the new Ted Leo album online. Don’t worry, I have eMusic and Lookout! is on there so I’ll get it through legal means when it comes out. Judge not, lest… well you know. Anyways, the addition of this and the (old) Shams record brings my playlist to:

  • Bart DavenportGame Preserve
  • Hot Water MusicThe New What Next
  • Jim GuthrieNow, More Than Ever
  • Neko CaseCanadian Amp
  • Of MontrealSatanic Panic in the Attic
  • Ted Leo & the PharmacistsShake the Streets
  • The Arcade FireFuneral
  • The CastanetsCathedral
  • The ShamsTake Off
  • Viva VoceLovers, Lead the Way!

TED FUCKING LEO! He’s coming in November; I’ve seen him three times before and even so, I can’t wait. The new album sounds great at first pass; Me and Mia is glowing in the light of full production, and Bleeding Powers sounds absolutely amazing with the Pharmacists. Yay!

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