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Top 20 Songs of 2005 So Far

July 21st, 2005 Posted in Music

I was inspired by my buddy Wu over at Backfield in Motion to make a list of my favorite twenty songs released so far in 2005. Since I’m too lazy to write something about each one, I chose instead to let part of each song do the talking. Hope you enjoy; click below to see the list.

  • #20
    Face the Truth

    It kills the time
    Until you fill your heart
    You'll see
    There's more to you than what you think of me

  • #19
    EdanFunky Voltron Ft. Insight
    Beauty and the Beat

    Somebody throws a baby

    Oh shit
    Do a spin move and catch it
    And the crowd goes crazy

  • #18
    The Oranges BandRide the Wild Wave
    The World And Everything In It

    We'll ride the wild wave
    All around the world

  • #17
    The New PornographersThe Bleeding Heart Show
    Twin Cinema

    We have arrived
    to late to play
    the bleeding heart show

  • #16
    The DecemberistsThe Mariner's Revenge Song

    Find him, find him
    Tie him to a pole and break
    His fingers to splinters
    Drag him to a hole until he
    Wakes up naked
    Clawing at the ceiling

    Of his grave

  • #15
    Clap Your Hands Say YeahLet the Cool Goddess Rust Away
    S/T LP

    So we'll salvage some of that human dignity
    It'll be a long hard road

  • #14

    She asked, "Why do men always have to stray?"
    He said, "I'm bad, not as bad as Eric Benet"

  • #13
    Art BrutBad Weekend
    Bang Bang Rock and Roll

    Popular culture no longer applies to me

  • #12
    Lyrics BornI'm Just Raw
    Same !@#$ Different Day

    The Loch ness monster up against a crawdad
    Talkin Sly Stalone in Rocky versus Sly Stalone in Copland

  • #11
    Iron and WineJezebel
    Woman King EP

    we swear we'll love you more
    and holy jezebel
    it's we that you are for, only

  • #10
    The Woods

    If your art is done
    Johnny get your gun
    Join the rank and file
    on your TV dial

  • #9
    Maxïmo ParkApply Some Pressure
    A Certain Trigger

    What happens when you lose everything
    You just start again
    You start all over again

  • #8
    Okkervil RiverThe Latest Toughs
    Black Sheep Boy

    All the latest toughs
    Well we have seen that stuff
    And we have seen enough
    Blood in dying coughs
    Which means that we have lost

  • #7
    MarathonPainting by Numbers

    Let's start a war

  • #6
    LCD SoundsystemDisco Infiltrator
    LCD Soundsystem

    Oh, stop
    You gotta shake your waist – uggh

  • #5
    Sufjan StevensDecatur, Or, Round of Applause for Your Step Mother!

    The sound of the engines and the smell of the grain
    We go riding on the abolition grain train
    Stephen A. Douglas was a great debator
    But Abraham Lincoln was the great emancipator

  • #4
    The Hold SteadyHow a Resurrection Really Feels
    Separation Sunday

    She crashed into the easter mass
    With her hair done up in broken glass
    She was limping left on broken heels
    And she said, "Father, can I tell your congregation
    How a resurrection really feels?"

  • #3
    The Mountain GoatsThis Year
    The Sunset Tree

    And then Kathy showed up and we hung out
    Trading swigs from the bottle all bitter and clean
    Locking eyes, holding hands
    Twin high-maintenance machines
    I am gonna make it through this year if it kills me

  • #2
    The Fiery FurnacesEvergreen

    Needle prick my spruce root
    Dear little hemlock shoot
    Make me stay sharp and keen, evergreen

  • #1
    SpoonI Summon You
    Gimme Fiction

    But aww no where are you tonight
    And how'd we get here
    It's too late to break it off
    I need a release
    The signal's a cough

    But that don't get me off
    I summon you to appear my love

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  • it came down to a debate whether to put funky voltron or i see colours... i went with voltron because someone throws a baby in it... holy shit

  • christopher wu

    i love it. great #1. (though i wish I had put edan "I see colours" on my list)

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