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80% Hetero

October 11th, 2005 Posted in Personal

Start 'em up! Well, I bought my bike this weekend and have been riding it to and from work for the past couple days. It’s very fun, but also pretty unnerving. You really feel exposed, especially when cars go by.

I put up some pics of the bike (and me in my gear). I think they’re pretty funny because I actually look pretty legit wearing all that stuff: Daniel D said I looked “about 80% hetero”. It makes me wonder how many other tough looking riders out there also have no clue what they’re doing.

Anyways, Skid’s wedding is this weekend, and while I am tempted to go for a ride down to Monterey, I don’t think I could fit my tux in my backpack, so I think I’ll drive.

Edit: Doh, as Giz pointed out, I forgot to say what kind of bike I bought. It’s a Sukuzi GZ250. It’s very small and only weighs about 300 pounds.

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  • Giz

    85% hetero.

    What kind of bike did you get?

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