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A Midsommar Night’s Jim Beam

June 24th, 2006 Posted in Personal

CIMG1303It’s 11am here in Sweden, or around 2am back home, and we’re cleaning up the house at Magnus’ farm… last night was Midsummarafton, which is a big Swedish holiday. It’s to celebrate the start of summer and the longest day of the year. Basically, it involves going out to the country, having a big lunch feast with pickled herring and sour cream (oh joy of joys), and then getting blasted on beer and aquavit (oh joy of joys without the sarcasm). There’s also traditional weaving of flower headbands (which the girls did) and dancing around a flagpole with ribbons (which no one did). Tough but Flowery Then you basically spend the day eating and drinking while it stays light out until 11pm. The country out here is absolutely beautiful, and hanging out with friendly folks, listening to music and getting drunk is pretty close to my idea of a perfect vacation. And don’t get me started on speed croquet… I’m bringing that game back to america, it’s just genius.

Anyways, Sash and I are having a blast so far. Today we’re gonna go watch the World Cup game back in Göteborg (Germany vs. Sweden), and if Sweden wins I’ve been assure it’s going to be insanity in the streets. Then tommorrow, we fly to Athens.

One last thing for those who are interested… while Pitchfork has claimed that Jens Lekman is a pop star here, I have yet to meet a single swede who has heard of him. And I have met a couple who knew The Knife and El Perro Del Mar, so that kind shoots their theory to shit now, doesn’t it?

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