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Back to Tokyo

April 5th, 2005 Posted in Personal

miyuKIIt’s been a few great days here in Aomori; I got to see Trevor’s whole setup here and meet a bunch of his friends and students. We hit an onsen, a sweet arcade, a lot of sushi, and a lot of karaoke. Speaking of which; I don’t remember it too clearly, but evidently last night I earned the nickname “Michael Jackson” among these folks… and no, not because I molested anyone. There may be a clue somwhere in this picture of Miyuki-chan.

Anyways, we are off to Tokyo again for the last few days of the trip. There are a few things there we didn’t get to see, so hopefully the cherry blossoms have kicked in by now and we can see the city in its full splendor. Be back in the states as of Saturday… hope to catch up with everyone then! Cheers.

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