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Catamaran, man! (or, “Drats! Hydro-foiled again!”)

June 29th, 2006 Posted in Personal

CIMG1619Yeah, so after partying a bit too hard last night we woke up and took the high speed flying cat from Santorini to Mykonos. Two things to note.

First, these things fly! We must have been doing 70 mph across the water. In two and a half hours, we covered a route that a normal boat does in seven. Nuts.

Second: don’t ride them when you’re hung over. I almost booted like six times all over some dude from New Zealand.

CIMG1576Other than that, things continue to go smoothly. Our hotel in Mykonos is totally sick; it’s on a cliff overlooking the beach and town. I’ve got a card reader at this cafe, so I uploaded a few photos of santorini and one of the view from our hotel here in Mykonos. Basically we have nothing to do for two days, so this should be nice and relaxing.

This island is supposed to be the party center of Europe, so tonight should be fun but I’m not really looking forward to spending 15 euros to get into some jam packed club. On the plus side, it’s a gay-themed island, so… hopefully less competition. Just kidding. But seriously.

We stay here for a couple days before shoving off to Samos. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to upload some more pics before then. OUT.

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