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‘Cause I’m Lazy, That’s Why

June 30th, 2005 Posted in Personal

Yeah yeah, been a while. Nothing really that new to report… been working and going to shows and listening to records and watching a lot of Babylon 5 (err forget I said that last one). A quick June recap:

  • jacko walked (obviously this is the most important item)
  • our team won our foosball league
  • i went to vegas for a weekend (happy birthday giz)
  • i went to sacramento for a weekend (and raided the outlet stores on the way back, those things are awesome)
  • the republicans did a bunch of dumb crap
  • the democrats did a bunch of dumb crap
  • the supreme court did a bunch of really dumb crap
  • the religious right got mad because I said “crap”
  • the falcon rode again
  • i founded the flickr doodle group
  • we launched MyWeb 2.0
  • i saw a lot of bands play good
  • jon stewart made fun of everyone

Maybe if I feel less lazy I’ll write something interesting. I’ve been really missing being in a band lately… maybe I’ll start one. Cheers.

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