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chucks on the couch

March 19th, 2005 Posted in Personal

chucks on the couch
this is the first ever guest blogation on here’s lawrence:

Michelle Yamashita, Jake Rosenberg, and Ari Gass are so fucking fabulous. Well, more so, Yama and Jake; Gass is just so-so. As you can tell in the picture, this is a fucking great party. The dance floor is just so packed. Just to the left of the photo, there’s some serious grinding action. And to the right, Daniel D is making out with some strange dude, having given up on his masculinity after being rejected on two dates. It’s cool, though, he bought women’s jeans. A-OK. Anyway, I’m a goddamn amateur (lj wong), here’s Christopher Wu, blogger for Backfield in Motion on

if you notice in the picture that these three are all fashioning black chuck taylors. every picture has two or more sides to a story. this picture is hardcore evidence that chuck taylor discrimination is a very real problem in the hipster community. why do i bring this up? because the chucks on these oppressed feet are white. reverse bigots. -christopher s. wu

Ed. note: we are all drunk.

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