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Everything Happens For A Reason (O RLY?)

May 22nd, 2006 Posted in Music, Personal

This is bullshit, man. Like, seriously.

Remember this post I wrote a little over a year ago? Probably not. But the relevant part is this:

In a horrific twist of fate that proves once and for all there is NO GOD, Tokyo’s own Pillows are FINALLY doing a small U.S. tour and playing in San Francisco — two days after I leave for Tokyo!! I am seriously considering flying to New York a couple days before I head to Japan just to see them at the Knitting Factory; I fear that since most of the shows are 21 and over, most of their kiddie fans won’t show and they’ll never come back to the US. I tell you what, the universe sure has a sick sense of humor.

Well, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that the Pillows are coming back to the US. The bad news is that they are doing it 2 days after I leave for Sweden. And this time, they are starting the tour *after* I leave, just to make sure I can’t fly someplace to see them. Just to make this clear for those who may not know, it’s not like I travel alot; I’ve left the country exactly twice in two years… both just happened to be the week the Pillows came to town. Are they waiting for me to submit my vacation forms before booking their damn tours?

This has ceased to be funny. For reals.

EDIT: Delicious has opened an official site for the 2006 USA tour. They haven’t added San Francisco, but I have heard through the rumour mill that they will. Everyone going, you can just eat me.

  • And it's still hilarious. But hey, at least you get a T-shirt every time I go to a show, like a consolation prize of sorts. Maybe they have different gear at the American shows and you can get Duggan or whoever to pick something up.

    It really is too bad you're missing them again, considering they put on like twice as good of a show this year, mostly due to MY FOOT being absolutely outstanding. But then again it sounds like they just do greatest hits in America anyway, assholes.

  • jake

    Just for posterity, here's the email I recieved from you containing last year's Pillows show recap:

    Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 01:52:49 -0800 (PST)
    From: "Daniel Duggan"
    Subject: I used to have a sack ....
    To: Jake Rosenberg

    ...but the pillows blew it off. That shit was so
    dope. The dopest part was that I knew every single
    song that they played. I'm pretty sure that they were
    all on the pillows greatest hits volume one. They
    definitely played "I think I can", "hybrid rainbow",
    "crazy sunshine", and "little busters". I don't know
    the names of the other ones. They didn't play
    "waiting at the bus stop", even though one of the guys
    in the pillows was wearing a t-shirt that said
    "waiting at the bus stop, I still want you" on the
    back. The only bad part was that their set was short.
    I think they only played 8 or 9 songs total,
    including their one song encore. They also didn't
    have any pillows t-shirts for sale there, which was
    kind of weak. Anyway, easily the best show that I've
    been to in the last 2 or 3 years.

    - duggan

    I received this email at the lobby computer at a Holiday Inn in Hiroshima, and almost put my fist through the monitor. Trevor thought it was hilarious.

  • daniel d

    Don't worry dude, I'll give you a recap of this pillows show, just like I did for the last one. Reading my recap will be pretty much like going to the show, except you'll be sitting around reading, whereas I will be witnessing awesomeness.

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