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Good to Be Home

March 20th, 2006 Posted in Personal

Hey all. We’re back from SXSW in one piece, and it was amazing. I’ve already faxed in my early bird hotel request form for next year; I plan to be right downtown in the thick of the action. All in all, we racked up 44 bands (well, 40, since we saw a few bands twice) in just over 4 days. Here’s the list, but a full (and really long) writeup of the trip is forthcoming.

  • afrirampo
  • apollo sunshine
  • art brut (x2)
  • blackalicious
  • crystal skulls (x2)
  • detachment kit
  • dungen
  • envelopes (x2)
  • field music
  • golden boys
  • hockey night
  • holy fuck
  • islands (x2)
  • jason forrest
  • jeff
  • jose gonzalez
  • love is all
  • magneta lane
  • mates of state
  • mr. lif w/ akrobatik
  • phosphorescent
  • princess superstar
  • richard hawley
  • serena maneesh
  • sleater-kinney
  • spoon
  • tapes and tapes
  • the bats
  • the boy least likely to
  • the fiery furnaces
  • the flaming lips
  • the joggers
  • the noisettes
  • the owls
  • the spinto band
  • the young knives
  • thunderbirds are now!
  • tilly and the wall
  • tullycraft
  • voxtrot
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  • uh... yeah, i was counting non-suckass bands. my bad.

    though i heard best fwends was supposed to be good, who knows...

  • danielle

    how could you forget the drams and lou lou and the guitarfish?

    i also can't believe we left after tilly & the wall and missed best fwends!

  • Can I make up a list of 44 reasons why I'm so jealous I could kill you? I'm sure I could find four reasons good enough to use twice.

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