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I Just Skövde Blog About This

June 22nd, 2006 Posted in Personal

CIMG1252Hey there folks… I’m blogging from Skövde, Sweden (pronounced hove-da [think Chanukah for that "h"], hence my awesome pun above), which is just northeast of Göteborg. The trip so far has been pretty slow paced… two long flights followed by a short one, and then a quick nap and a little walk around Göteborg. It’s a pretty city, very green. After touring around the city for a bit, fully zombified by lack of sleep and further weirded out by the sun being out at 10pm, Sash and I crashed and woke up this morning pretty much back on schedule. Magnus drove us up to his dad’s farm in Skövde, and here I sit, drinking Danish beer and preparing to grill up some chow. It’s quite an amazing view out this window, too.

And fear not, faithful readers; I have been snapping pics since our arrival here, and you have but to click on this picture and you shall be blessed with a bounty of eye candy. Enjoy!

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