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If Anyone Finds Out, Turn Their Lights Out

June 30th, 2006 Posted in Music, Personal

Today was day two of relaxation in sunny Mykonos. We took it easy last night in preparation for the Friday night debauchery, and slept in. Then we took a bus to one of the many sick beaches on this island and sat on a chez lounge under an umbrella, enjoying the cool breeze… it was straight out of a Corona commercial. Oh, did I mention topless smashball? Rock.

Anyways, I wanted to upload a video I took of a Greek musician playing in the harbor. This dude totally blew my mind. Almost as good as the Pillows. Sigh.

Also, I’ve had some people asking me how Daniel D posted to the blog. He didn’t, I just copy and pasted his email in there. What, you think I’d trust Daniel D with that kind of power? Pfff.

Oh, and last call for postcards. If you want one from Turkey, send me your snail mail address. Cheers.

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  • Mom

    I want a postcard...Rebecca Orloff, 934 Larkspur Rd, Oakland, CA 94610 (just in case you've forgotten) By the way your Island pictures are beautiful! Love, MOM

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