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I’ve Got A Date in Constantinople…

July 7th, 2006 Posted in Personal

The Blue Mosque…but with my luck, she’ll be waiting in Istanbul.

Hello again, dear readers! We’ve arrived at the last stop on our trip; the destination of the Orient Express, the jewel of the Bosphorus, the eye of the world, the refuge of the universe, the gate of happiness… Istanbul! It’s a pretty impressive city. Stick your head out our hotel window and look right and you see the Sultanahmet Mosque (aka, the “blue mosque”); look left and you’ll see the ocean. But we’ll get to that in a sec.

Yesterday, we finished up in Cappadocia with a tour of the Red and Rose Valleys, so named for the color of the rocks therein. We also checked out one of the 40 underground cities dug out in the area for the local folks to hide from invaders. The one we were in had 11 stories, went down 86 meters, and could safely hold 4000 people for 3 months. Pretty incredible.

Last night we took a late night flight to Istanbul, checked into our hotel and crashed. Today we took a full day tour of the city, including the Blue Mosque (beautiful), Hagia Sophia (fascinating) and Topkapi Palace (worth robbing), plus the Hippodrome, the Suleymanie Mosque, and a quick trip to the Grand Bazaar. We’re pooped.

We may or may not go out tonight… we’re tired, but it is Friday, and how often are you in Istanbul? Meanwhile, enjoy the pics and this video I shot just outside the Grand Bazaar while the muezzin in the mosque next door was calling everyone to prayer. Very pretty around noon… not so hot when it’s blaring through your window at 6am. Thanks alot, God.

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