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Just Wait ‘Till Next Year?

May 8th, 2008 Posted in Entertainment, Personal, Yahoo! Related

I needed a few days to get over the Sharks’ heartbreaking 129 minute loss to the Dallas Stars on Sunday.  By the end of that game, watching the players gasp for air was so painful that I almost forgot the Sharks entire season was hanging on one goal.  And then it was all over. Regardless, it’s been a great season. I’ve really enjoyed being at the games, especially the incredible game 7 win over Calgary, which was by far the best sporting event I’ve ever been to:


Meanwhile, the NHL experts blog at Yahoo! Sports has been running some very funny eulogies for teams that get knocked out of the playoffs, and the Sharks eulogy is up here.  Honestly, it’s not that great; it’s not nearly mean enough. This one for the flames is totally brutal, which is what makes it hilarious.  I was really hoping for some nasty digs at my favorite players (Brian Campbell in particular has been made into a hot scapegoat for this year’s annual second round breakdown), and some potshots at the city of San Jose.  This comic was good, though:

Anyways, like I said, it’s been a fun season, and I’m (once again) looking forward to next year with high hopes.  Maybe I’ll get a Brian Campbell jersey so when they release him in the off season I’ll have a jersey for a guy that was only on the team one year, that’s always fun.  And meanwhile, I get to watch the Stars get completely thrashed by the Wings (ooh, I should submit one of those obits for the Dallas stars when after they get trounced), and the series in Pennsylvania should be really fun to watch.  And I’d better enjoy it while it lasts, since the period between the end of the NHL playoffs and the start of football season usually involves listening to my friends blab on and on about fantasy baseball every night.

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