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Latest News

May 3rd, 2004 Posted in Personal

So I was in Tulsa for the weekend for Mike and Erin’s wedding, so I haven’t updated in a while. Got a bunch of unimportant junk to throw at you.

  • The wedding was a blast. It was great to see Mike and Erin so happy, to see so many friends, and to make some new ones. It was also especially cool to see Mike’s family, Shauna and Nikle, and also the Williamsons (sans Tim and Blake, unfortunately). Mike and Erin should be loving it up just south of Cancun right about now. That said, I am totally exhausted. xD
  • Been listening to The Wrens‘ album like crazy; I totally dig it. Just picked up tix to see them in July, along with tickets for the Mountain Goats/Destroyer at the end of May, which should be fun. Also, I need to get some Decemberists tickets but I’m waiting to see whether my parents want to come to that one (my mom liked what she heard of them and I was gonna burn her the CDs when I got a chance). Plus, The Shins are playing the Warfield and I think Wu got as many tickets to that one as is allowed. Sucks I missed Electric Six on Friday (and Coachella in general), but oh well.
  • Rented one of those DVD player thingies for the plane rides/layovers and watched a bunch of movies (The Cooler, Matchstick Men and Stuck on You). I really liked Matchstick Men in particular.
  • Started reading, per my mom’s recommendation, Gallileo’s Daughter. It’s a pretty fascinating read so far.

That’s pretty much it… back to work.

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