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Magic Bar Napkins

May 5th, 2005 Posted in Personal

I just uploaded a few pics to flickr that require some explanation.

Last night a few members of my team and myself met up with Mark E. Johnson for a few rounds at Palo Alto’s finest watering hole, Antonio’s Nut House (also know as “the ho”). As we were finishing up the night and exchanging some snappy banter with the bartender Kelly, she told us that she thought the creepy old dude at the end of the bar might be writing her a note on bar napkins. Sure enough, when he left, he left behind two napkins, three sides filled with his handwriting, and the fourth side containing his phone number. After these were passed around the bar and everyone got their jollies, I snapped some photos of the napkins for posterity. Here’s the text on each napkin transcribed, spelling mistakes, capitalization, and punctuation maintained:

I believe you’re Irish Catholic. But you’ve questioned why god would love only you and not everyone else. I find the energy that your Soul puts out, inviting and intoxicating. KNowing who you are is half the battle. I find you a breath of fresh air, not to mention, Kelly is one of my favorite names (over)

I would love 2 spend time with you tonite or any other time. just so you know, I’m an alpha male, my favorite desciption of me “He’s a Bad Boy, with impeccable manors.” I believe kissing is more important than actual intercourse. I still Don’t understand why everyone is taken by the way people look, when they they should be taken by the way (over)

they smell. smell has much more memory than sight has to offer. you know i’m digging you. So now that that is out in the open, I’ll do what I’m suppose to do. Put the ball in your court. like I said would love to hang toNite, i.e. late night dinner or breakfast or when you’re ready. Peace, Love, and to meeting my New Best Friend,

James (over)

Obviously this stuff is pure genius. I suggest you print this out and keep it with you for the next time you meet a beautiful member of the opposite sex.

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  • doh i spelled your name wrong. then again, so did he.

  • kelley

    I think I scared him off? He has not come back. I can't believe I found this when I looked up the bars. You are a funny man.

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