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Not So Much…

June 24th, 2004 Posted in Music, Personal, Politics, Yahoo! Related

…with the blogging recently. I’ve been busy and sick. Anyways, here’s an update for posterity.

Our magical new project is coming along quite nicely. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you anything about it. It’s pretty sweet though, and should be out in beta soon. We also have a totally unbelievable completely kickassly sweet new project starting now. I’m super pumped.

In rotation right now:

A.C. Newman
Black Cat Music
Pedro the Lion
The Unicorns
The Thermals

Got to see the Thermals at BoTH a few weeks ago. Great to see a stripped down punk rock power trio. I was thinking that the last power trio I’ve seen before them was probably The Lawrence Arms. Speaking of which, Brendan from LA was on the Daily Show last night. They made him look like a jackass, as they do to almost everyone. Sucks when it’s someone you like though. Lastly, I’m excited to see The Decemberists again this weekend.

Other Crap
I’m bummed; didn’t get any last night and I feel like shit. Eh.

Oh, iRO stuff is coming along nicely. Krejler finally made Blacksmith and Adrenaline Rush is the shiznit. Also, we are going to start recruiting into the Spiders soon. Check out our new setup at for more info.

Guess that’s about it. Back to work…

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