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Sakura Saku b/w Back in the U.S.(S.)A.

April 10th, 2005 Posted in Personal

Ueno ParkIt was a great last few days in Tokyo. By the time we returned to the city, the Sakura had popped like crazy, and the whole city was pink. Highlights of our second Tokyo visit included the Meiji Shrine, the sword museum, the national museum, and both Yoyogi and Ueno parks to check out the trees. I understand why hanami is such a big deal now; it only happens for about a week per year in each city and really it changes the look of the entire place. I got some outstanding pics, so take a look.

After getting to enjoy the sakura, I packed my bags and headed to Narita airport for the journey home. I’m back in the states now, and while it was an outstanding trip, it’s nice to be sleeping in my own bed again. The time difference is really messing with me in this direction, though; it feels like morning right now at about 10 pm.

I’m looking forward to catching up with everybody and finding out what I’ve missed.

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  • Huey

    Welcome back, glad you made it in one piece. Very nice pics


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