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still twitterpated

October 7th, 2004 Posted in Music, Personal, Politics, Yahoo! Related

…but eking out my measly pies. Developments galore, folks. It’s been a crazy couple weeks. Peaks and valleys, floods and droughts. But that’s life.


Well both the first Presidential and only Vice-Presidential debates have come and gone. I thought Kerry edged out Bush in the first prezzie debate, but I’m pretty biased. It just seemed that Kerry was consistently talking about his plan and simultaneously exposing the failures of the Bush Administration (and he was suprisingly succinct and clear), while Bush simply attacked Kerry’s character over and over. I’d like to hear Bush attempt to talk a bit more about what his administration has done, mainly because I think it’s all horrible.

As for the Veep debates, I thought that one was a draw. Edwards was charismatic and all, but he avoided a number of key issues and didn’t rebutt a few of Cheney’s more damaging points (such as Cheney’s distortion of his senate voting and attendance records). And Cheney (while a total douchebag in the sense that I disagree with him on just about everything) at least gives you the impression that he knows what’s he’s talking about.


The current playlist looks like this:

  • Brian WilsonSmile
  • Charles BisselLive at Schubas
  • DungenTa Det Lungt
  • Fiery FurnacesGallowsbird’s Park
  • InterpolAntics
  • PinbackBlue Screen Life
  • Rogue WaveOut of the Shadow
  • Saturday Looks Good To MeAll Your Summer Songs
  • The ShinsChutes Too Narrow
  • Viva VoceThe Heat Can Melt Your Brain

Went to the Muffs show on Tuesday, they were pretty good but played a little too long. What’s crazy is that there was like no one there… the first time I saw the Muffs was at the Fillmore in the mid 90s and it was packed, and Tuesday they played BotH and it was empty. How the mighty have fallen.

More good shows coming up in October:

  • Oct 11 – Dirtbombs
  • Oct 15 – Fiery Furnaces
  • Oct 17 – Hot Water Music
  • Oct 28 – Metric
  • Oct 29 – Britt Daniel / Nedelle

Yahoo! Stuff

All hail the arrival of My Yahoo! Search!! This product is the result of over a year’s work from tons of people on this team, myself included. Nice to have it out, finally. Let me know what you think.

We launched a new huge image index on Yahoo! Image Search. It totally rocks.

Personal Junk

This week has been… intense. I’ve done a few things I didn’t think I’d ever do; I think I was so intent on getting what I wanted that lost sight of where I was. I’m ashamed, and happy, and ashamed that I’m happy. Live and learn, I guess. And at least it’s been exciting.

Tommorrow Landis and I are throwing a debate party for anyone who wants to come and watch. Should be fun.

I’ll leave you with these verses from the Arcade Fire record that have been ringing in my ears this last week:

they say a watched pot won’t ever boil
well i closed my eyes and nothing changed
just some water getting hotter
in the flame

it’s not a lover i want no more
and it’s not heaven i’m pining for
but there’s some spirit i used to know
that’s been drowned out by the radio

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