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The Computer Ate My Homework

July 5th, 2006 Posted in Personal

Tomb at HierapolisOk, this piece of shit computer I’m using at the Internet cafe in Capadoccia just crashed and lost my hour’s worth of blogging, as well as removing firefox, messenger, and the flickr uploadr. This sucks, I guess I have to start over.

So last time I blogged, Sasha and I had just landed in Kuşadası, which is a port town on the Agean coast of Turkey just across from the greek island of Samos. After leaving the cafe, we strolled to the Kuşadası bazaar and browsed the “genuine fake watches” and knockoff Prada shoes. Haggling is fun. We headed back to the hotel and crashed for the night.

Calcium Pools at PamukkaleThe next day we took a day excursion to Hierapolis (a ruined Roman city) and Pamukkale, known for it’s mineral springs and calcium buildup formations. Hierapolis was somewhat interesting, especially the graveyard, know as the “necropolis” (or “dead city” in Greek), which is full of sarcophagi and house sized tombs. Pamukkale was a bit of a let down. The calcium formations are pretty but not really worth the three hour bus trip each way on the most cramped bus ever. We did, however, have an awesome tour guide, Farouk: “Welcome to Kuşadası… my home town, home town of my fahder, my fahder’s fahder, my fahder’s fahder’s fahder… one lifetime is not enough to see all of Kuşadası”. Which is hilarious cause Kuşadası is like five square blocks. Anyways.

Library at EphesusAfter Pamukkale, we ate dinner at the hotel, where we met a little russian girl who worked there in “guest relations”. We talked her into taking us and a couple guys from Istanbul to a club nearby, and she brought along a few friends. American girls, pay attention: you all need to learn to say things like “OK, wee can go dahncing, but it iz alright if I breeng my four hot friends??” Rest assured, I danced my ass off.

Yesterday, we woke up and head out to the ruined city of Ephesus for a full day tour. This was the highlight of the trip for me so far. Ephesus was the capital of Asia Minor during the Roman age, and as it was totally buried before being discovered and excavated, it’s in amazing condition. The library facade, in particular, has been painfully and elaborately reconstructed and is simply breathtaking. The pictures simply don’t do it justice. The amazing thing is that they’ve only excavated 15% of the city… there is so much more lying there waiting to be discovered.

Fairy Chimneys (and a Camel)We went straight from Ephesus to the bus station, where we boarded a bus for the fifteen (yes, 15) hour bus ride to Capadoccia (Kap-a-doh-ki-ya), where I now sit. After arriving at about 7 am this morning, we checked into the hotel, showered, and dove right in to a full day tour of the rock formations, which is what this region is famous for. We also toured the old churches and monestaries here that are build directly into the “tuff” or soft volcanic rock. Many of them are painted with frescoes. Pretty, but a little jesus-y. Evidently he’s somebody important.

And here I sit. I’m finally done retyping that whole damn thing, and I’m sure it’s not as good as the first draft. Like Trevor’s dad says… tough, suck it up, life isn’t fair. Oh, and the images I uploaded were downsized because I didn’t have time to upload the originals on this slow connection.

See you in Istanbul!!

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