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the pillows: still incredibly super awesome

June 29th, 2006 Posted in Music, Personal

From the “today I wish I was daniel d” department:

Not surprisingly, the pillows are still the greatest
thing ever. I’d have to say that I was probably
slightly more hyped after the show last year, but you
probably would have liked this one more, because you
would have known more of the songs than I did. I
think they may have played the same 7 or 8 songs as
last year (“hybrid rainbow”, “little busters”, “come
(calm?) down”, “I think I can”, “crazy sunshine”,
etc.), but they also played 7 or 8 songs that I didn’t
know, and one cover of a song that I recognized from
back in high school, but couldn’t identify (I think it
may have been a nirvana song, but I could be wrong,
gass might know). Obviously I don’t know if the songs
I couldn’t identify were new or old, but he did say
that one of them was a new song called “my foot”
before playing it.

Also, slim’s was sold out, which I was kind of
surprised about, considering that tickets were $19.
Obviously there were a lot of dorks there, and a few
kids on their parent’s shoulders, but there were also
a decent amount of chicks there, including some in
“team the pillows” shirts. I didn’t see any super
cute chicks wearing pillows shirts though. I’m pretty
confident that you’re surrounded by way hotter chicks
in mykonos.

At the end of their set the pillows said that they
would be back next year, so don’t schedule any
vacations. I’m sure you’ll find a way to get jacked

- duggan

ps. The one opening band that we saw was some shit
called secretsecret, and it was the worst band I have
ever seen. It was some goth shit, headed by some dude
trying to be marilyn manson. The crowd went super
nuts when they left the stage. I really hope that the
pillows didn’t choose that band to open.

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  • gass

    I think the Nirvana song is called "She said" ... maybe. The funny thing was that the lyrics weer way more intelligible in the pillows version.

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