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The Pressure is Getting To Me…

March 1st, 2005 Posted in Personal

The pressure to blog, that is. Trevor has been giving me shit because his recent blogging record is so much better than mine. Well, excuse me if I ran out of inane crap to spout. Oh wait, here’s some:

Vegas was a blast. Highlights include the VIP section at Light, Daniel D in women’s jeans, McSherry inventing a move on the dance floor I have dubbed the “dry 69″ (let your imagination run wild), Dailey “tain’t misbehavin’”, and as for me, well lets just say I spent a good half an hour in the Drais bathroom grinning at myself in the mirror like an idiot. Thanks, Shawna (you rock, by the way). On the down side, we got delayed a total of 6 hours on the flights to and from, and afterwards I got sick and missed the Mission of Burma show (more on that later).

In a horrific twist of fate that proves once and for all there is NO GOD, Tokyo’s own Pillows are FINALLY doing a small U.S. tour and playing in San Francisco — two days after I leave for Tokyo!! I am seriously considering flying to New York a couple days before I head to Japan just to see them at the Knitting Factory; I fear that since most of the shows are 21 and over, most of their kiddie fans won’t show and they’ll never come back to the US. I tell you what, the universe sure has a sick sense of humor. Just for reference, here’s Trevor’s report of his Pillows experience.

Speaking of Japan, the planning of the trip is coming along nicely. Trevor and I have made reservations at a ryokan in Kyoto for the few days we’re there and we’re in the process of obtaining permission from the Imperial Household Agency to visit the Katsura Imperial Villa. We are also gonna try to get to Nagoya for a day to visit the 2005 World Exposition in Aichi. I mean, who doesn’t like Robots (other than Will Smith)? I am beyond excited for this trip; it is going to rule all.

In Y! news, we recently launched YSDN for all you developers out there. Maybe now the Slashdotters will ease up on us a little.

Current playlist:

  • Black MountainS/T LP
  • Bloc PartySilent Alarm
  • Bonnie Prince Billy and Matt SweeneySuperwolf
  • BuzzcocksSingles Going Steady
  • CoachwhipsPeanut Butter and Jelly Live at the Gringer Minge
  • Colin MeloyColin Meloy does Morrissey
  • LCD SoundsystemS/T LP
  • Mission of BurmaSnapshot
  • Mountain GoatsNine Black Poppies
  • The KillsNo Wow

Noisepop was kind of a bust because of my aforementioned sickness… I missed Ted Leo and Mission of Burma. But I did get to see Joanna Newsom at the Swedish American and Rogue Wave at Slim’s. Both were a good time.

Work is coming along on my forthcoming solo EP, which involves me and my guitar doing covers. I have recorded a few demos (more to come), and am going into the studio to record it for real on March 19.

Oh, and I’m like 25 now. That’s about it for the world of Jakedom. Jaa, mata…

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  • Dear Trevo:
    Actually it occured to me that the Pillows incident is probably evidence of the *existence* of God... he's punishing me for that religion post. Whoops.

  • Wow, I signed my last comment as "Trevo," and I think I might like that more than my real name.

  • Yes, I believe the Pillows tragedy is the clincher in your "No God" argument, it really gives your thesis the last bit of "oomph" it needs.

    By the way, anyone notice my domination of this post? I am taking over this blog on my way to owning the rest of the Internet. All your base are belong to us.

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