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The RLB Legacy

May 31st, 2006 Posted in Music, Personal

I found an old video (circa 2002) of my old band the Red Light Bandits doing a live webcast, and threw a few songs up on YouTube. Take a look.

I know you RLB fans out there will appreciate those clips… it was a magical time, full of wonder.

Edit: In honor of my friends at the Y! who worked tirelessly the last few months to build the new and awesome Yahoo! Video, I have uploaded the videos there and embedded one here. Rock and roll!

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  • jake

    You got a lot of growin' up to do, Trev.

  • Hey, I saw that sucka live. In fact, I even requested a song, "I Need a Slut." Why don't you upload that one? Still has the single best line in all of redlightbanditdom:

    I just need a girl who will take off her clothes, and who won't laugh at me when I take off mine.

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