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USA! USA! (or, How KG Got Falconed)

July 20th, 2006 Posted in Music, Personal

Sorry for the long delay, folks. I needed to spend a couple days getting my affairs in order before I had time to blog. Lemme first sum up the end of the trip and then I’ll get to more recent developments.

width="240" height="180" alt="The Alexander Sarcophagus" />Our last couple days in Istanbul were great. We the second day there exploring the National Archeological Musem and the Grand Bazaar, shopping for gifts and rugs. Other than the fact that Sasha loves to spend a half an hour haggling over two turkish lira (around $1.30) it was a blast. And the museum in Istanbul makes the one in Athens look like a joke… one interesting thing about Turkey is that it actually puts Greece to shame for Greek and Roman ruins. That was a shocker, since one of the main reasons I wanted to go to Greece was for the history.

Regardless, all learning and no drinking makes Jakey sad, so that night Sash and I went to Taxim, which is the crazy party area of Istanbul. It’s pretty wild… packed with hundreds of people all hustling and bustling around. The problem was that ever single person we talked to before we went warned us about getting robbed, hustled, scammed or killed, so by the time we got there we were so nervous we just sat in a little corner cafe, drinking beer, puffing on a nargile (hookah) filled with apple tobacco, and warily watching the passersby. It was still fun, but it’s a shame you can’t really let loose in such a vibrant city for fear of getting ripped off or worse.

The last day we went for a cruise on the bosphorous over to the Asian side of the city. It’s totally different!! All the people there are… asian! No, just kidding. It’s exactly the same. Still pretty though, and we had a nice stop at the spice bazaar near the ferry docks.

On the way home, we had a five hour layover in Vienna, so we took the little train they have into the city and walked around a park downtown. Pretty city… reminded me a lot of Gothenberg, which at the time seemed like ages and ages ago. After that, we landed in New York, where I got to meet Sasha’s girlfriend slash future wife Jen (he’s soooo DONESKY), as well as check out his apartment. Cozy, and the location is sick; enjoy the weather there, bro. We did a little bit of shopping, and I got a plane back to SF. Done and done. All in all, an amazing trip.

Falcon Strikes the DAfter a few days of time adjusting and unpacking I feel like my good old American self again. I’m back at work and now I have Chicago and Vegas to look forward too. ROCK!

Oh, and one more thing. Tuesday I tagged along with Marie and her sister Carolyn to see “Trainwreck”, which is KG of Tenacious D’s side project with Lee (as in “Lee Lee Lee Leeeeee”, duh). Marie ended up chatting with him after the show, and as she is a beautiful and voluptuous woman with sharply honed feminine wiles, she ended up dragging him with us to Lucky 13 by the skin of his libido. I’m pretty sure he didn’t like me at all because I was pestering him with drunken questions about rock and roll while he was trying to get into her pants, but hey, the man is practically a golden god… he’s entitled (um… to hate me, not to her pants). It made for comedy and some good photos, though. Enjoy.

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  • gass

    I can't believe you didn't call me! I could have said something dope to KG like, "hey we have the same last name," which would have made you look 100x cooler.

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