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Gay Marriage Rant

April 20th, 2004 Posted in Politics

Just wanted to get this off my chest… I caught Melissa Etheridge on the Daily Show this morning and it touched off a little internal rant.

The entire issue of gay marriage is extremely infuriating to me, simply because from every angle of analysis, there is absolutely no intelligent argument that can be made in opposition of gay marriage. There is not a single political, social, economic, moral, legal, or even religious reason that gay people should not be afforded the same marital rights as straight people.

Why shouldn’t my gay friends and family be afforded the same tax incentives as me? The right to spousal confidentiality? Joint custody of property? Joint guardianship of their children? Alimony rights?

The argument for civil unions is absolutely absurd. This country should have been done with “separate but equal” back in 1951, and the fact that separate is inherrently unequal is never more evident than with marriage. If there is no important difference between “civil unions” and “marriage”, why do gay marriage opponents care if we allow gays to “marry” instead of “unify”?

All this leads me to the conclusion that people in opposition to gay marriage are either misinformed or just plain revolted by the concept (i.e., bigotted); and I personally don’t want either type making laws under which myself and my family have to live.

P.S. Some may take issue with my leap of logic that being revolted by gay people makes you a bigot. I’ll address that point by saying that being personally disgusted by the act of gay sex does not make you a bigot ; but believing (however slightly) that people who take part in that act are of lesser value than yourself does. Just be warned: that’s a very fine line.

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