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Global Fever

April 22nd, 2004 Posted in Politics

This is crazy:

Inter-annually, the 18-year Pathfinder data in this study showed global average temperature increases of 0.43 Celsius (C) (0.77 Fahrenheit (F)) per decade.

Makes me think of something I read in Rush Limbaugh’s book (know thine enemy, I always say) in which he said something to the effect of (and I’m paraphrasing), God created the earth and humans are incapable of damaging one of God’s creations. Pretty logical argument, and the facts seem to support it. For other brilliant Rushisms, and a good laugh (and then a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach) check this out.

In other wonderful news, I heard Bush’s speech in Maine on the radio today. I just heard a minute of it, but the part I caught was:

“But the thing I think is very important to emphasize here is that good conservation and good stewardship will happen when people say, I’m just not going to rely upon the government to be the solution to the problem. “

Brilliant. I’m sure the corporations responsible for most of the damage to the environment will be happy to take up the cause of conservation, just as soon as we roll back all those pesky regulations. That must be what’s stopping them from doing the right thing.

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