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Shout Obama-Lama

July 28th, 2004 Posted in Politics

Caught this guy at the DNC last night; very impressive. From what I’ve read, Obama will be the most liberal member of the US Senate; an heir apparent to Paul Wellstone. Fine by me.

Playlist has slowly shifted since I updated it last:

  • Lawrence Arms/Shady View TerraceSplit EP
  • Red PlanetWe Know How It Goes
  • Homestar RunnerStrongbad Sings
  • RatatatRemixes Mixtape Vol. 1
  • The Fiery FurnacesBlueberry Boat
  • The HivesTyrannosaurus Hives
  • Sahara HotnightsKiss and Tell
  • Rilo KileyMore Adventurous
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