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The First Pangs of Civil War?

April 15th, 2005 Posted in Politics

Interesting press release.

I am starting to genuinely believe this country might be on the road to a second civil war. Take a second and reflect on what is happening here. The senate and house majority leaders are the leaders of the Republican party. Within one month, both of them are or have been involved with events intented to both promote one specific religious sect’s importance in government and reduce the effectiveness of certain constitutional mandates; specifically, the impartiality of the judicial branch and the dissenting party’s ability to prevent judicial confirmations. When such prominent figures in the power-holding party publicly endorse views that are so out of the mainstream and absurdly sectarian, I have to wonder how far they can go before it all comes snapping back, hard.

This country has survived such prominent wingnuttery before, and hopefully it will again. But, christ, it’s scary.

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