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I’m a Bad, Bad Man

August 21st, 2006 Posted in Personal, Politics, Site Info

Sorry for the lack of posting lately. I’ve had a couple political/philisophical-style rants I’ve been wanting to get down on paper, but this weekend I was swamped with getting my car fixed and shopping for my pool party next weekend (you think Socrates or Gautama ever had to deal with auto mechanics? No!). I’ve also been working on a new musical project… writing songs and lyrics for a “concept” album. I’m not ready to reveal the concept quite yet, but those of you who need to know already do. And I’ve also had an awesome idea for a book, but who has time to write these days?

Lastly, I’ve been reading Larry Gonick’s Cartoon History of the Universe recently. These things are hilarious and incredibly packed with information; I plan to make my children read them. And one thing you realize when you pass over the bloody, vicious history of human civilization: we are real softies these days. Even India, birthplace of Buddhism and Jainism, has a history of death and torture that would make any modern American’s toes curl. People like silly old Jack Thompson who claim that video games (!!!) are the cause of society’s ills should try this excercise: close your eyes, spin a globe, point at a spot (that isn’t on Antarctica), and thoroughly read the entire history of that place. Be sure to take note of every invasion, impressment, rape, pillaging, torture, stabbing, mutiny, revolution, beheading, decimation, poisoning, disembowelment, violent coup, etc, etc, etc… and if you’re lucky enough to get any place in Europe, Asia, or (god forbid) the Middle East, I hope you have a few weeks.

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  • gass

    I read Larry Gonick's books in high school (History of the Universe I and II, History of the US, and the Guide to Physics.) I then proceded to not read my text books for AP Euro, AP US and AP Physics. I passed all three of those AP's. Coincidence, I think not.

    My favorite sections of vol. I have to do with the old greek sagas (you know Oedipus, Agememnon, etc.)

    Does it make me less of a man to talk about cartoon history books rather than a slick car? Probably.

  • Dailey

    I have an '06 G35 and it is great. I have seen pics of the '07, and am wishing that I had waited. The interior is going to get a major upgrade.

  • Giz

    Good to hear that it was nothing major. The '07 G35 is at the top of my list right now. Just have to wait until it comes out and I can see what changes they made from the '06.

  • jake

    Oh, just got a flat tire. My infiniti is a rock. I hear those G35's are awesome, too.

  • Giz

    What happened to your car? How reliable has it been? I'm thinking of getting an Infiniti.

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