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Fat-to-Fit Returns

November 17th, 2004 Posted in Uncategorized

…in more ways that one.

First, Mr. Mark Johnson is moving back to California; specifically, Palo Alto. The genius behind Fat-to-Fit is returning after one (semi) victorious season as a St. Louis Cardinal. Love it.

Second (and let’s be honest, much more importantly), I have decided I am sick of being a fatass, and have started my workout regiment again. In the vein of Fat-to-Fit, I have written some software to track my (and any number of user’s) progress. I call the software PinF (PinF is not Fat-to-Fit) and it allows me to enter a number of metrics daily and graph them across certain time periods. I am currently tracking my weight, body fat, and water percentage using a scale and body fat monitor. Here are some canned graphs of my progress so far.

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