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Lay Low In a Tropical Hideout

June 28th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

It sucks that we have no memory card reader on this island… I got some really amazing pics today. Sasha rented a scooter and since I have a motorcycle license they let me take a 200c little cruiser bike (sorta like my old suzuki) and together we went tearassing around the island. It was a real blast; we caught some spectacular views. We’re going out partying tonight in the biggest village on the island, Fira, before our morning “flying cat” ride to Mykonos (assuming it’s not too windy to sail). I, like you, said “a flying wtf?”. Turns out it’s a catamaran hydrofoil, probably something like this.

Anyways, next time I come to an internet cafe I’ll bring my camera dock and finally up some photos. Catch you on the flip.

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  • Mom

    I agree with Trevor...It is nice to read these updates and I also want a nice gift. I mean if Trevor gets one...I should get a bigger one. Right? I was in labor for 24 hours and i've been chasing you around for 26 years! I'll take mine in Oakland. I'd come to Vagas but...I don't think so.

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