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Islands Tour (without J’aime Tambour)

June 27th, 2006 Posted in Uncategorized

Well the internet cafe we’re at doesn’t have a SD card reader, so I can’t upload any photos, but Sash and I have arrived on the island of Santorini, famous for its white houses, blue-domed churches, and black sand beach. It’s certainly a beautiful island, and this time of year the weather is balmy and the island isn’t yet crowded with the entire population of Europe, so it feels incredibly lax and easygoing… a very sharp contrast to the intensity of Athens. To my dismay, they now use cars to get you up the cliff walls from the port to the city instead of donkeys, so my tough talk yesterday was in vain. But our driver met us at the ferry and has been very helpful (if a bit pushy), and we checked into our beachside hotel with no problems. We walked around the island for a bit, and relaxed with cocktails as we watched the Brazil vs. Ghana game; it’s pretty hard to avoid the World Cup here. Tommorrow we plan to rent scooters and check out the rest of the island. If I don’t have time to blog within the next few days: Thursday we leave for Mykonos, which in contrast to this island is supposedly a hip party spot; I’m sure I’ll fit right in.


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